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Disney Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl 


2022(3 months)

Engine: UE5

Team Size: 17

My Role: Technical Artist/VFX Artist

As a member of the All Of It Now team, I was fortunate enough to contribute to creating augmented reality (AR) segments for Disney's Encanto during the live Hollywood Bowl show and Disney Plus event. Throughout the project, our team encountered numerous challenges that we successfully overcame. The overall experience was undeniably enjoyable and fulfilling.

Disney Encanto AR
My Contribution
 Content Creation
  • Took a leadership role in the project, assisted in managing artists’ workload, and provided feedback, support, and direction to artists for aesthetic and technical considerations.

  • Worked closely with the Art director to keep quality and style consistent throughout the project.

  • Design and translated various VFX concepts into real-time VFX through Niagara systems and blueprints in Unreal Engine

  • Worked closely with the projection team to integrate the AR VFX with the stage projection content and music through UE level sequencer.

  • Created Houdini lidar point cloud converter tool for turning the real geographic locations into Previz polygon mesh in Engine

  • Prototyped and tested volumetric cloud work flow in UE.


  •  Collaborated with the onsite team to assist with changes to VFX content on set when necessary.

  • Operated during shooting, blueprint debugging, and troubleshooting on-set technical issues, testing the unreal scene.

 Post Production

  •  Supported post-production, modified VFX to client feedback, set up sequencers for rendering separate VFX elements, tested Stype movie render queue

Intel Outside Lands Festival 2022 Activation


2022(6 weeks)

Engine: UE5

Team Size: 8

My Role: Technical Artist/VFX Artist

Intel Outside Lands
As part of AOIN team, I'm increadibly fortunate to work on this project. It involved developing an activation for Intel at Outside Lands 2022 that incorporated a customized rhythm game set in the futuristic world of "Spark City." As users danced to music, interactive elements were triggered, showcasing dynamic VFX that changed based on the time of day. The game was developed using Unreal Engine 5, making use of advanced lighting features and high visual fidelity.

My Contribution:

Content Creation
● Designed, created, and modified various real-time interactive VFX using Niagara Particle System and Blueprint, including Fireworks, meteor showers, holograms, birds, sparks, VAT flower blossom…
● Work closely with the art director to iterate the VFX to achieve high visual quality and finish with the final polished and optimized VFX in Engine.
● Working closely with the Tech lead, scripted blueprints that are easy to be implemented into the event invoke system.
● Collaborate with the onsite team to assist with changes on VFX content on set when necessary

Coachella 2022 Broad Cast AR


2022( months)

Engine: UE

Team Size: 11

My Role: Technical Artist