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Affordable real-time animation pipeline/workflow for Independent film producer/Freelancer

My Current real-time animation pipeline/workflow Overview

Content creation:

3D Modeling, UV creation(Maya/blender)

Material and Texturing Creation (Substance, photoshop)

Character Rigging and Prop Rigging(Maya/blender)

Animation: motion capture (deep motion-animate 3D and Apple's iPhone 3D facial capture ) + clean up and keyframe animation (Maya/blender)

All art assets(3d models, textures, character with skeleton information, animations) all export to Unreal Engine

In game: Unreal Engine

Import art Assets

Materials set up

Environment set dressing

character set up


real-time physics

Sequencer: set up camera,cut scene

real-time render(no compositing necessary)

Premiere Pro for editing


Maya LT($35/month)/Blender Free



Iphone facial capture app ($8)

Unreal Engine(Free)

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