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Notes on Lumen-UE5

Project setting

open your project setting>Rendering Tab

Global illumination Tab

  • Set Global illumination to Lumen

Reflection Tab

  • Set reflection to Lumen

  • Reflection capture Resolution @ 128

  • enable reduce lightmap mixing on smooth surfaces

Lumen Tab

  • Software raytracing mode: Global Tracing

Shadows Tab

  • Shadow map method: Virtual shadow maps

Place a skylight and a directional light in the scene to test

One way to control the indirect lighting is through your main light/directional light

Select the directional light

under the light tab, indirect light intensity, the default is set to 1, this is the intensity of your global illumination

Another is post-process volume

under global illumination tab

under method: you can choose none, Lumen, screen space, or ray tracing

under final gather quality: you can adjust this number too

Also, Lumen works on reflection too

under reflections tab

you can select lumen as a reflection method and control the quality

Most amazing thing,

Emissive materials can cast lights both direct and indirect light

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