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Maya Arnold Tips

  1. Arnold viewport rendering (Interactive production rendering)

Render Arnold directly in viewport

The interactive production rendering window gives instant feedback when we make scene changes. It is great to have a close preview as the final render when working on the material creation, lighting set up.(Not recommend in the full size viewport)

What we can do is toggle to four view layout by tap spacebar

Select the perspective view port

Under renderer tab

Select Arnold option box

Click on The red play button to activate the interactive production rendering

Sometimes, the scene is not update correctly, select render tab, choose update full scene to refresh the scene.

While using the the interactive production rendering in viewport, it is recommended to save 2 threads for other usage of CPU, to change it to 2, select render tab, choose save UI Threads, select 2

2. Transparent Material

  1. Butterfly example Scene

Place holder placeholder

Make sure select the Geometry and uncheck Opaque under the Arnold tab of the shape node

3. God Ray use spot light

Place holder place holder

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