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Iphone Motion Capture to Maya

Updated: May 11, 2021

  1. MocapX app

facial motion capture for iphone X,11,12, and ipad pro (True depth camera)

  1. install mocapX app on your iphone

  2. download the mocapX maya plugin from their website

  1. Install the plugin

    1. Unzip the Maya plugin to a folder called Mocapx on your hard drive

    2. I placed it inside Documents>maya>scripts>MocapX

b.Add the path to the location of Mocapx folder in your Maya.env

Maya.env file can be found


Open Maya.env (notepad works)and add a line:


make sure you copy-paste the path from your file browser.

4. Back to maya go to Windows tab>settings and preferences> plug-in manager check loaded for mocapx_plugin.mll .

Tip: If you have many open before you do the change in maya.env, you might need to restart Maya. Otherwise, the plugin won't show)

Let's begin

  1. Click on the head icon button on the shelf, open the demo head

To be continued............


2. Motion capture with IfacialMocap

To be continued............


3. Comparation

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