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Install Houdini engine plug in to UE4.26

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

you can download it from the link below

if you already have houdini installed

go to your houdini directory find the folder called unreal, select the version and copy

Paste the houdini engine folder to your ue4 plugin directory

restart your unreal, the houdini engine is installed.


Let's get the Houdini engine starter kit to test it out

Download link :

unzip the file, go to HDA folder, drag the digital assets into your content browser

Drag them into the scene


After you place your tool in your scene if nothing happens, check the detail panel to see if the Houdini engine license is installed.

If so, it would say Houdini Engine Session Ready in Green.

If the license has not yet been installed.

Go to

to Purchase a free license that is a different license from Houdini's license.


Go to

Download the launcher

After installation, open license administrator

Login and Choose the Houdini engine for unity/unreal.

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