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Getting Animation from blender to UE4

I'm a Blender Noob learning the basic today.

Following are Notes from Gordon Vart's tutorial


setting the unit right:

Unit scale: 0.01

Length: centimeters

Let's do some modeling

go to modeling tab

change to face select mode

select the top face

To create a pyramid

select mesh tab>merge> at center

Go to x ray mode

select the top edges, ctrl+ E for subdivide

Set the number of cuts to 10

When we done with modeling, go back to layout mode

go to front view

Since we still have transform information, we want to apply transform to the model

go to object, apply,

Location and rotation is set to 0, scale is back to 1

Set the origin to 3d cursor

Now, we want to add armature/ skeleton to the mesh

To show the bone, go to object data property, viewport display: check in Front

The armature is too small to see, let's scale it up

lets add more bones, go to modeling tab, hit 1 to front viewport

select the top of bone, hit E for extrude, hit z for extrude along z direction,place the second bone

Select the armature, go back to layout tab

Object>apply> all transform

Parent your mesh to your armature

Select your mesh, shift select your bone

do parent, automatic weights

select your mesh, go to weight painting mode

Let's begin animate, go to animation tab

select the bones, go to pose mode

select all the bones

Go to object data property

pose library tab, add new

hit + to add the initial pose

turn on auto key if you wish

to add our first pose to timeline

hit apply pose library pose button

apply the pose again in the last frame, so the animation would loop without snapping

add some animation inbetween

Tip: hit T to bring up the tool bar

Go to action editor on your timeline

rename your clip: idle, hit the fake user button

Now we have the animation

It's time to bring it to UE4

Back to layout tab, Select the mesh

Go to File>export> FBX

in the export setting

only select Armature and Mesh, Forward: X forward, UP: Z up

hit export FBX

Let's import the FBX to Unreal engine

make sure skeletal mesh, import mesh, import animations is selected

All Set

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