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Optimizing Geometry for Realtime

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Optimized 3d Geometry requirements

· Avoid high polygon count

· Create proper uv maps for textures and lightmaps

· Verify that smoothing is correct

1 Naming conventions, restrictions, best practices

Importing files

Files are imported non-destructively.

(Any files that imported into the engine made a .uasset file)

Therefore, you can update your original file and easily reimport within the unreal engine

Unreal engine supports

FBX,OBJ,USD and datasmith 3d files

(FBX is most common type)

(Datasmith 3d files can be used for most 3d modeling package include 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Revit and SketchUp Pro, IFC, Rhino 3D, solidworks and CATIA, Vred and Deltagent and other CAD/CAID formats, It can contain GEO, texture, materials, lights, animation and metadata information )

Naming restrictions

File names must be less than 260-characters in length (included in file path)

(keep the project files as close to the root as possible to avoid any issue with file paths)

File names cannot contain spaces or symbols

(use folders, naming it with common prefix/suffix, always keep it organized)

Tips: when doing asset migration, the files will maintain its file hierarchy

Example 1


Means Diffuse pass of Wood Texture


Means Roughness pass of Wood Texture


Means Normal pass of Wood Texture

2.Defining 3D geometry requirements

General Requirements

Keep models as low-poly as possible

Minimize the number of materials channels used per object

Avoid unnecessary tessellation

Use opaque geometry instead of masked materials


When preparing the model

identify high poly part of the models see if you can simplify it

make sure smoothing and normal appear accurate.

No complex materials

Back face/unseen geometry should be remove

When import

Make sure all the uv map are properly created for all of the geometry

Uv map for material

UV map for lightmap

3 Identifying common 3d model issues.


Always create proper uv for your Geo

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